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Apr 21, 2019

How to develop scenes that make the worlds and characters you create feel so true? What kinds of opportunities or challenges come with a successful book? And the long winding process of creating that next story. Eliza Wheeler is this episodes guest. We dive deep into these topics and much more.

This week’s featured books are WHEN YOU ARE BRAVE, an inspiring picture book about having courage even in difficult times, and HOME IN THE WOODS, a stunningly beautiful picture book based on Eliza’s grandmother’s childhood after they lost their house and their father. It’s a story of a family rebuilding a life and a home.

Eliza Wheeler is an author and illustrator whose debut picture book MISS MAPLE’S SEEDS was an NYT bestseller. She has illustrated many other books included WHEREVER YOU GO, a Crystal Kite winner written by Pat Zietlow Miller.

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