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A podcast that showcases the authors and illustrators of your favorite children's books. 

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About the host

Hi, My name is Nick Patton and I'm the host of Picturebooking: a podcast that showcases the authors and illustrators behind your favorite children's books. Each episode we dive deep into what it takes to create memorable picture books.

​I’d like to tell you that I started Picturebooking to celebrate children’s books. But that would not be completely true.

I started this podcast out of frustration. I had been pursuing the life of a professional author and illustrator for ten years, but in that time I only completed one story. Sure I was published, but I still felt like an outsider alone in a creative void.

Honestly I created this podcast in the hopes of generating an audience to share and ultimately sell my stories too. I dreamed of the power this audience would have. It would surely open doors for my stories to get published.

It was all selfishly about me.

But then I started interviewing other authors, illustrators and book lovers. And these people are so amazing! They are generous and giving and real. Their creativity is contagious. These people and their stories deserve the spotlight. The world needs professional storytellers. And we need to cultivate a culture that fosters storytelling.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting the show in any way you can. And thank you for being on this journey with me as we discover the joys and struggles of living a creative life.